Measuring Your Wall

Once you have decided upon an image, you must then decide what proportion of your surface you wish to cover. The mural can cover the whole wall for maximum effect, or just a section of it.


Full Wall Images

Firstly measure the horizontal distance of your wall from corner to corner. We recommend you do this at both the top and the bottom of the wall to allow for any slight variations. If they are different, select the greater of the two measurements.
Then measure the vertical height at each end of the wall and again if different, select the greater of the two heights.
We would recommend that you add an extra 3cm on all measurements to accommodate any variations in wall length and width. Any excess can simply be trimmed on installation.


Partial Wall Images

If you are choosing a smaller image that’s not the full size of your wall, simply decide on the measurements you want and enter those into our “size it” section of the website.

PLEASE NOTE: When using your own image, the quality and size of your image will determine the recommended maximum size.
If you’ve any questions, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.