Image Selected, What Next?


You have made your decision from the wide range of options available as to which image you require for your bespoke wallpaper and for which wall. Now you need to decide what proportion of that wall you wish to cover. Your bespoke mural/wallpaper may cover your whole wall or just part of it.

Remember, that a full wall mural provides real impact helping you transform a space at home, office or other location with a dramatic image or relaxing scene, however we can provide any size or style to suit your requirement.


Ensure Correct Measurements:


Full Wall

Width: Measure the horizontal distance of the wall from corner to corner.

Height: We recommend that you measure the vertical height at each end of the wall as most walls are never quite identical in height all the way along. If different, select the greater of the two heights.

Please Note: We recommend that you add an extra 3cm to 5cm on height and width measurements to accommodate any variations in wall length & width. Any excess can simply be trimmed on installation.


Partial Wall

If you are choosing a smaller mural that’s not the full size of your wall, simply decide on the measurements you want and enter those into our website when you make your selection.


Useful Tips

Tip 1:     If you are in any doubt add a little extra as mentioned above. It is easy enough to trim away a small amount on each edge and this shouldn’t really affect the overall impact of your wall mural.

Tip 2:     Do use a tape measure rather than a ruler, by which you need to add up the various measurements. This way you’ll avoid potential mistakes.

Tip 3:     Repeat the measuring process so you can be absolutely sure you’ve got the right measurements. The more times you measure, the better!


What are the minimum and maximum sizes?

Our minimum wall mural size is:     2 square metres

Our maximum wall mural size is:    dependent upon image


If using your own image: We will forward a proof of your cropped image for approval prior to print, however the quality and size of your image will determine recommended maximum sizes. We will offer a full refund should the proof not meet your expectation.


Unusual Shaped Walls

Bespoke murals or wallpaper can look great on unusually shaped walls, so don’t for one moment think that a mural won’t work! Simply measure the highest and widest points on your wall and use these measurements. You can easily trim away unwanted paper when applying your mural or wallpaper so it’s a good idea to add a bit extra to your measurements when ordering. The main consideration is simply to make sure that you account for the area that you would be cropping away when making your purchase.

This is what we do and we love a challenge, therefore If you have any questions, just give us a call to discuss what you are hoping to achieve and we will ensure that the end result exceeds your expectations.